THE END – Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic Poetry and Prose – November 22nd.

THIS NOVEMBER 22nd – at 2pm. The world will end.

How? You decide….

Fire. Climate catastrophe. Flood. Asteroids. Zombiepocalypse. Y2K. Plague. Locusts. Dust. The Year 1,000. Black holes. Nostradamus said so. Mayan something. Entropy. Solar explosion. Vampires. Alien invasion. Angry gods. Nuclear winter. Fusion. Fission. Explosion. BOOM! FIZZ!

How Will The World End?
What does the end of the world look like?
Who or what will be left?
What would you write if the world was ending?
end of the worldTHE END is a one day writing intensive, for all writers and would-be writers at all levels, whether you’re deep in a novel or ready for a new story, whether you’ve been labeled speculative or realist. We will explore disasters, disaster thinking, predictions, destruction, writing in scene, and let ourselves be inspired by writers and storytellers including Tracy K. Smith, Zora Neale Hurston, Dana Gioia, Lars Von Trier, Cormac McCarthy, Karen Thompson Walker, and so many more. THE END

Where: The Escapery West, 29th street and Mission, San Francisco
Who: Writers at all levels interested in exploring imagery and explosions.
Cost: $75, less if combined with the other workshops in our Write Season series. As always, discounts and trades available.
To register: Contact us! We can’t wait to write with you!