San Francisco Classes

Our San Francisco classes are currently held in a large, bright living room of a Victorian, near 29th and Mission, about 10 minutes from 24th street BART. We always have coffee, cookies, writing implements, comfy couches, and one writer’s cat for company.

Our San Francisco drop-ins are held at Cafe La Boheme, across from 24th Street BART.

What’s Next in San Francisco:

We are currently finishing up Crossroads, with Kathryn Kruse.
Our next scheduled classes in San Francisco are:

Day Trips
Writing The Body with Gina DeVries – JULY!
The Woods: A Fairy Tale Deconstruction workshop using Little Red Riding Hood – AUGUST!

Longer Adventures in San Francisco
Writing Fear – Reading and Writing Horror/ Dark Fantasy for craft, permission, and subversion – Tuesday evenings, 6:30 – 9:00pm SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER
Write your ****Ing Novel – OCTOBER/NOVEMBER
Ekphrastic – A Traveling Museum Writing Adventure with Kathryn Kruse – Coming soon!

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Crossroads with Kathryn Kruse a 5 week writing workshop inspired by other art forms. More here!

Mermaid Trouble! A one day intensive towards a method of fairy tale deconstruction using The Little Mermaid


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Other Fictions - A San Francisco Sunset AdventureFrankenstein New Dates

DraculaMONSTERS & MIRRORS: Developing Character in Literary Fiction

WHAT: Monsters & Mirrors is a 5 week workshop for developing characters in literary writing.
METHODWe will explore complex characterization, including shadow selves, bad behavior, hunger and agency. We will draw inspiration from classic monsters (Vampires! Werewolves! Ghosts!). We will play with monster and human characteristics, legends and literature, poetry and prose to dive deep into what makes characters fly off the page. Come with a character, a beginning of a project, or a willingness to begin a character-driven project, leave with pages of new work, new writing buddies, and writing inspired by that place where monsters come from, the deep caves and recesses of the human heart.
WHEN: 5 Thursdays, October 15th – November 12th, 2015.
WHERE: Our original SF Escapery Headquarters, near 29th and Mission
WHOThis workshop is perfect for writers at all levels, and especially good for writers who want to delve deeply into one character-driven project.Registration caps at 8-12 writers, sign up soon!
DETAILS: Early registration (by September 30th is $200, $240 after, discounts & scholarships available.
FACILITATOR: Carson Beker, and the monstrous horde.

Other Fictions ImageOTHER FICTIONS:
A Writing Adventure Through Other Art Forms
Silent film and fiction dialogue? Blues standards and narrative tone? Sill life painting and story structure? What can you learn about the craft of writing fiction from studying other art forms? This five week course will open new ways for writers to read the world. It will encourage a process that sees and embraces lessons from a diverse pantheon of artistic genre. Participants will leave with a body of fresh, new work along with the confidence to reach across artistic worlds and dip into far flung modes of expression to gain a richer understanding of craft, language, story and possibility.

Dates: 5 Wednesdays, October 21st – November 18, 6:30-9:00 PM
Location: The Sunset in San Francsico, just a few blocks from 19th Ave N Judah Stop.
Best For: Writers of all levels and genres (fiction/non-fiction/poets/playwrights/undefined) interested in developing works-in-progress and who seek a supportive writing environment.
Facilitator: Kathryn Kruse
Cost: $200 early registration (October 1), $240 after. Scholarships available.

…..On the Horizon….

ONE DAY INTENSIVES (October – December 2016)
WRITE YOUR (%$*#) Novel: A Novel Writing Intensive (January 2016)

San Francisco Mission Classes are currently held at our SF Mission Headquarters, near 29th and Mission, about 12 minutes from 24th street BART. We have coffee, tea, snacks, open windows, and a fireplace.

San Francisco HQ

And… Come try out our new location, San Francisco Sunset, near 19th and Judah.


Previous Classes:

BOOM: The Revision Breakthrough Workshop, 5 Tuesdays in August. 

To Register, Contact Us or Click Here!

blue with bomb

Boom! is a five week revision adventure for 8-12 writers in search of story breakthroughs. All levels and prose genres welcome. Come with a story ready for revision, leave with new writing buddies, workshopping techniques, craft language, in-class writing experiments every single week, and either four new drafts of your story or four new projects. As Fiction Editor of Fourteen Hills, I will share tips and stories from the editorial side of magazines – including how to make your story stand up and get noticed in the slush pile. We will explode workshop traps and use exploratory questions to break through to the beating heart of each story, and we will send our stories out into the world for possible publication. Come write in the workshop where the writers we study are you.
When: 5 Tuesday evenings beginning August 11th, 6:30-9:00pm.
Where: Waywards San Francisco/ Mission, near 29th and Mission, near 24th Street Bart, parking available, coffee, tea, cookies, and a comfortable place to sit always available.
Who:This writing adventure is facilitated by Carson Beker, Fiction Editor of Fourteen Hills
Cost: Early Registration by 7/25 – $200. Discounts available.