He Said She Said They Said We Said: The Art of Dialogue – With Kathryn Kruse!

How do I write dialogue in fiction?
What makes some dialogue in fiction flat and other dialogue crackle with tension, subtext, and plot?
What is subtext and how do I make it work for me?
How do I get my characters in dangerous situations so they can engage in DEVASTATING DIALOGUE?
My friends say I’m witty in real life, why does the dialogue in my stories feel flat?


What: He said. She said. They said. We Said. is a one day intensive on the mastery of dialogue in fiction and playwrighting. Join playwright and fiction writer Kathryn Kruse on a one-day adventure in the craft of characters speaking. Drawing on fiction craft, films, theater writing, music, and other media, we will put our characters in dangerous situations and get them talking. Come with an interest in starting or developing one/many fiction pieces, leave with new writing friends and pages covered in your writing. Come WRITE ALL DAY! Part of our Write Season series.

Where: The Escapery West, 29th street and Mission, San Francisco
Who: Writers at all levels interested in working with characters and dialogue.
Cost: $75, less if combined with the other workshops in our Write Season series. As always, discounts and trades available.
To register: Contact us! or check our our facebook page–  We can’t wait to write with you!

About Kathryn Kruse

Kat Picture

Kathryn Kruse received her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She holds a BA in English with a certificate in Creative Writing from University of Wisconsin-Madison. While at UNLV she taught writing, ran collaborative art project, acted as the coordinator for the writing program, and founded and curated the NeonLit reading series. She believes deeply that writers need communities and artistic partnership to succeed. Her work is published, among other places, in Indiana ReviewThe Manchester Review, I Hope You’re Feeling Better Collaborative Exhibition and The Adirondack Review.

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