Want & Wonder: Two 1-Day Intensives!

One-day intensives are back, and we have two coming up, one in San Francisco and one in Oakland, two chance to dig deep, delve into craft, meet new writers, and emerge with pages and pages of new writing. Both of these workshops are suitable for writers with an existing project or writers who want to generate new ideas.

The Escapery Presents: 

DESIRE in SF on April 29th, 2-6pm
JOURNEY MIYAZAKI in Oakland on May 13th, 2-6pm
Details Below

Desire is the difference between wanting something and wanting something so badly your entire body vibrates with need. Desire is one of the essential questions in writing: What does your character want? What is your character willing to do to get it? Desire drives action.
In this one-day workshop, we will explore the nature and language of desire, objects of desire, consequences of desire. We will explore how to create a sense of desire fully grounded in the senses and the body that leaves your reader aching for your characters to get what they want.
Methods may or may not include: writing exercises, drawing, guided meditation, reading, sensory experiments, and body movement.

A one-day journey into the world of Hayao Miyazaki, the reknown Japanese artist and film maker. This workshop is for writers who are also Miyazaki fans, and who have watched and loved his films. We will be exploring his films as a way to understand how Miyazaki crafts unique and compelling journeys for his characters, how he builds in emotional heart and high stakes.


As always, The Escapery is committed to providing a space for artists. Discounts and scholarships and payment plans available, just ask

To register, just email us at TheEscapery@gmail.com, we hope we get to write with you!


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