Join us in April for NaPoWriMo!

poetry tattoo

If you are reading this right now, you are a novelist or poet or playwright or essayist or spoken word artist or short story writer or flash fiction writer or science fiction writer or graphic novelist, or or or…

If you are reading this right now…THANK YOU!

This April, we are embarking on a new Escapery adventure to celebrate National Poetry Writing Month! 30 Poems in 30 days–A Virtual Adventure, led by Carson Beker and myself. Click on the link to be directed to our Facebook Event, or contact us, and sign up! It’s that easy!

How it works:

_Cost: $30 (via PayPal, cash, or check)
_ Between 10pm and midnight starting on March 31st, you receive a daily MISSION in email form with a poem or excerpt from a poem that astounded us or a text about poetry that inspired us + a prompt + a deadline. You have until MIDNIGHT the following day to send back a poem. You can choose whether you want to share with the group (maximum accountability) or share with just us, your hosts.
_ Repeat 30 times.
_ On Sunday April 30th, we will gather to read and celebrate our work.

You might be saying to yourself, But what if I’m not a poet?  What if I’ve never written a poem before in my life?

My response to you is: I am primarily a flash fiction and short story writer who LOVES poetry writing experiments to help me generate lyrical prose. I LOVE writing experiments that give me fabulous first-sentences for a new short story, or experiments that help give me a new angle to explore in an existing story. And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE poetry writing experiments because I’ve found that these small bursts of poetic prose can turn into FABULOUS material for dialogue in my stories and plays!!! Reading poetry and using poetry experiments have strengthened and emboldened my dialogue writing.


Because both poetic prose and written dialogue are often spare, tight, fragmented, and oftentimes utilize unique word pairings and syntax.

So, please join us for NaPoWriMo for a super fun month of writing experimentation!

In the beautiful words of Carson Beker: The goal is RAW SPONTANEOUS CREATION

As teachers, writers, artists…we try never to use the 10-letter word “p*rf*ct*on” when it comes to RAW SPONTANEOUS CREATION. We try to use words like: “experimental”, “community”, “supportive”, “uninhibited”, “YESSSSS”, “uh-oh”, “awesome”, “courageous”…

So….sign up today, and join us for NaPoWriMo in April!!!


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