Writing Experiment: Words Like Holiday Lights, Tiny and Bright.


This week, in celebration of tiny little things, of little joys, of words that mean a lot, a writing experiment. This week’s writing experiment is inspired by Nancy Au – who taught me to play with words – Kathryn Kruse, who last week made us write and write just by saying one word and then GO! and Teju Cole’s tweeted Small Fates.


Pick up a text. Any text will do.

Pick a sentence. Reduce it by at least half.
Pick a paragraph. Reduce it to a sentence.
Pick a story or a newspaper article. Reduce it to a ten word story.


What words blink at you? Which ones shine? What happens when you tangle the sentences like Christmas lights?

Want a place to write? We got some.

Next Thursday Write-In in SF with Celeste Chan in early January! Check in here!
Next Sunday Write-in in Oakland is on Sunday January 29th! Check in here!
Next Sunday Write-In in San Francisco is on January 8th!

And coming up soon…

WRITE YOUR (****)ING NOVEL – A bootcamp for 8 Writers.
8 Writers.
10 Weeks.
5 Novels to read.
10 pages per week.
Good luck.

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