Blinded By The Light

This week, also, in mourning. We mourn the loss of artists, light-beings, and everyone associated in any way with the beauty that was Ghost Ship. We deplore the forces that make these spaces harder and smaller each year. We celebrate the spirit of space-creators.

Here is a list that other people have compiled of resources, places to donate, places to get support, events, love. Thank you, those of you who have worked so hard on this.

This week, in sadness that it has come to this, but we have expanded our matching list. If you donate to a cause supporting Ghost Ship and loved ones, we will deduct that donation from any workshop you take here. (Other causes, #NoDAPL/ Standing Rock Legal and Aftermath Funds; ACLU; Planned Parenthood…). Ask us. The list is long because the need is long now. But also because the response of love is strong.

This week, and other Thursdays, also, in celebration of art spaces, small or big, conceptual or brick-and-mortar. Necessary. The great NECESSARY VITAL CELESTE CHAN is holding Writing Rainbow – a QT/POC writing space at Liminal, another beautiful space for art. She will also be holding Thursday write-ins at Cafe La Boheme. It’s always a good idea to check the calendar and contact us, but here are the upcoming dates:

December 15th!
January 19th!
January 26th!
February 2nd!
February 9th!
February 23rd!

This Sunday, the great Kathryn Kruse is leading Delight, a class on reclaiming Joy. And do we need that. Do we ever need that? There are still 1-2 spots left. If you want to join, just get in touch.

This week, also, in gratitude for  Golden Gate Express and Jacquie Haudek, who featured us this week in an article! – I leave you with Nancy Au’s words, as true now as ever.

“Being isolated is not great for art. The world is so much bigger and so much more complex and terrifying” but your mutual support, through more spaces, “you lift everyone up and then everyone comes up with you.”

Thank you for you. Thank you for the spaces you create. Thank you for reaching out in the hard light of fear and threat and destruction to make space and connection and delight.

Thank you for being part of our writing adventure.

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