We are now scheduled through December 2016!

What’s up next, you ask? Look out for the Newsletter, coming to you with our free writing prompt and places to submit THIS WEEK. Not signed up? You can sign up here!

We got FREE DROP INS in San Francisco (first Sunday mornings including This SUNDAY, 10-12:30), and Oakland (Last Sunday evenings including September 25th) – Details Below.

We got YOUR HORROR WORKSHOP. Writing Fear, Writing/ Reading from horror and dark fantasy for permission, subversion, and craft, Five Tuesdays starting September 13th, details here and below.

We got Kathryn Kruse! Back for one-day workshops in Oakland before her FANTASTIC MUSEUM FIELD TRIP EXTRAVAGANZA coming in 2017.

We got The Woods, a Fairy Tale Workshop postponed til early November so you can get ready!

We Got WRITE YOUR (****ING NOVEL) – THE RETURN – a 10 week writing workshop to get. The Novel. DONE. Just in time for NANOWriMo, end October – Early December, 10 Tuesdays.

And we’re officially back. Check this space for weekly writing prompts and articles we like and places to submit. We got you. We can’t wait to write with you. You’re the mermaid/merman/mer-? on our horizon, the wind in our oars, and the northstar in our skies! COME WRITE!


Magic Book

WHERE: Cafe La Boheme, at 24th and Mission, San Francisco, look for the table with the SKULL!

WHEN: Every First Sunday, 10:00– 12:30pm, including this Sunday, SEPTEMBER 5th, 2016

WHAT: A writing drop in. Come get two hour of writing done.

HOW: No need to pre-register or call ahead unless you want help finding us. Or just come and look for the table with the rubber skull. If you arrive during a writing hour, you are welcome to quietly pull up a chair and jump into the writing. We’ll introduce ourselves after the hour.

10:00 – 10:15 am: arrive, meet & greet.
10:15 – 11:15 pm: SILENT WRITING. (optional prompts will be available, help yourself!).
11:15-11:30am: Get more coffee, meet your writers.
11:30 – 12:30 pm Second Hour of Silent Writing.

And of course, if you have any questions, just drop us a line. We can’t wait to write with you!


Haunted House 2

Writing Fear is a Five Week Adventure using horror and dark fantasy for inspiration, craft, and subversion.

We will write, read, and discuss horror as a queer/feminist/subversive medium, and as a launching point to discuss craft: how do we build tension? how do we write the frightening image? how do we explore beauty and its opposite? how to we access the deep dark recesses of the human heart?

We will write from dreams and nightmares, hike the uncanny valley, re-connect with the monsters under our beds, we will face the fear of writing.

Come write, play, and shudder…

WHEN: Five Tuesdays starting September 13th, 6;30 – 9:00pm;
WHO: 8-13 writers, all genres, all levels;
COST: $220. $200 early registration by September 1st.

To register or learn more, email us at TheEscapery@gmail.com or contact us here.

We can’t wait to write with you!

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