Next Up: Crossroads!

CROSSROADS begins This Thursday. For more details, read on. To register, contact us

Have you ever looked at a bridge and said: I wish I could write like that? Those lines? That arc? That perfection of engineering?

Have you ever listened to a piece of music and thought: I want to do THAT! THAT! But in a story or a poem or a play or an essay.

Have you ever wished you could write like this:

From Wim Wenders’ film Pina.

This Thursday we’re going to try.

CROSSROADS Is a Writing Workshop inspired by other arts.
5 Thursdays beginning April 28th (THIS THURSDAY)
With Kathryn Kruse.
$200, Need-Based discounts and Payment plans always available.
Register here. Check out or Facebook page here.

Come with writing implements. Leave with pages and pages and pages of new writing, new writing buddies, and the confidence to reach across artistic worlds and journey through other modes of expression in order to gain a richer understanding of craft, language and story.


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