Five Treasures We Found At FogCon – On Donna Haraway, Monster Heads, And How To Survive The Collapse of the Capitalocene.

Last weekend we set up a booth at FOGCon, the literary speculative fiction conference in the Bay Area. FOGCon was our FIRST convention as The Escapery, and we feel so lucky to have made our maiden voyage (yaarrrr, me boothy!) there.


FOGcon has been instrumental in bringing together brilliant minds and brilliant writers (spotted: Ted Chiang, Donna Haraway, Jo Walton, Marie Brennan, Setsu Uzume, and Gina DeVries) in the kindest, most accepting, safest, friendliest, most diverse atmosphere we’ve encountered at a convention in a long time. We went once and it felt like the best kind of family, we can’t wait to go again.

Award-Winning Warrior/ Writer/ Martial Arts Expert Setsu Uzume braving our monster!

If you missed it, here are five treasures we picked up:

1. Donna Haraway on art activism and the importance of the stories we tell:

“I am determined to be a part of the storytellers who, not denying the importance of the Capitalocene, is part of the ones saying not so fast… we need stories for resurgence on a damnaged planet. It matters what stories tell stories. It matters what thoughts think thoughts. It matters what worlds world worlds… The established disorder is not necessary.”

We left determined to collaborate more, fight more, find more symbiosis between forms of storytelling and activism.

2. From a panel on sentience and artificial intelligence, the importance of play:

“play is one of the only activities whose purpose is joy… but every time critters play, something new is produced… because play is constantly proposing something new, which creates innovation and evolution.”

3. The Lovely people over at StoryForge Productions who are creating innovative ways of telling stories across media;

4. This question/ writing experiment: Imagine you were on a one-way spaceship flight to a far off planet and received a care package, what would you want it to contain? 

5. Never Alone – the game created by and in partnership with Alaskan Native People as a vehicle to preserve and propagate the stories necessary to our planet’s survival. Come play with us!

never alone

We’ll have news of our upcoming workshops soon, meanwhile, we’re staying with these questions from Donna Haraway:

It matters what stories tell stories

It matters what thoughts think thoughts. 

It matters what worlds world worlds. 

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