Word Play

Photo of Climbing PoeTree, found at http://bit.ly/1MVJYkg
Climbing PoeTree, a queer, Haitian, and Columbian spoken word duo. Photo found at http://bit.ly/1MVJYkg

Spoken word performance, story telling, word play. There is something magical that happens when I am up there at the microphone, looking out into a packed room of language lovers and fellow writers. The gratitude that I feel when I am reading my work aloud to an audience, is so immense that sometimes I have trouble getting the words out…but the words eventually come, the breath, the living sounds, the light…all of the reasons why I’d written that story come flooding back and I want to share it with everyone!

header_2Speaking of the spoken word…Our very own, the incredible Carson Beker will be reading this upcoming Monday, October 26th at the fabulous RADAR queer reading series in San Francisco, at Magnet located at 4122-18th Street. 7pm. You will not want to miss this night!!! Reading alongside Carson will be the word stylings of Juba Kalamka, Julia Serano, and Dawn Robinson.

Carson BekerSpoken word, word art, word  word word…I’d like to leave you with a word prompt made up of…well…words!! Try using all of the following words in your next free write:

anatomy, carcass, instrument, icon, artist, diary, weave, school, strip, father, cartoon, photograph, funeral, divorce, racoon, curtain, slice…


Happy writing!!

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