Dear Wayward Writers, Writers, and Would-Be Writers… Welcome to The Escapery. It’s so nice to see you here…

Were you looking for Wayward Writers? If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’ve come to the right place. Wayward Writers is continuing on as The Escapery: Where Writing Adventures Begin, a place to find writing workshops, community, and get lost in your writing. We have journeys launching in the East Bay, San Francisco, and beyond, come see!

If you’re in San Diego and the World Beyond, and/or if you’re looking for Luke Dani Blue, hop on over to Wayward Writers, where Luke is sharing her craft-infused goodness. Go check out what they’re up to, and say hi for us.

About The Escapery

The Escapery is a place for writers at all levels to write and reconnect with the adventure of art. We offer themed workshops in Fiction, Creative NonFiction, Poetry, and Playwrighting. We use writing experiments, texts, craft, games, crayolas, field trips, music, food, and anything we can get our hands on to help writers get lost in their work. We offer discounts, scholarships, and payment plans. Check out our August classes in San Francisco and the East Bay.

In solidarity with the USC Dropout Art Students’ union, we want to “create more spaces of collective weirdness and joy.” This is ours. Welcome. We can’t wait to write with you. Want more? Check out some of our recent blog posts here and check out our roots at Wayward Writers.