The Other AWP – Treasures from the Hall of Exhibitors, Seven Literary Magazines Hungry for Your Stories, and One Place to Revise Them All

Wayward Writers

What is AWP? It’s a kind of happy word-drunkenness.


You stumble through a hall of over 700 (by my count, more like 1,000) exhibitors. Around you, writers – the only people in the world you don’t have to explain this to. Around you, the sweet plaintive cry of the New York Times Exhibitor, Subscribe, Subscribe!, around you, Books, Books, Books, Magazines, Magazines, Magazines. Everything from Abdo to Zephyr Press, old friends, including Graywolf (publisher of Claudia Rankine and Charles Baxter), Red Hen, GuernicaTin House, Gulf Coast) and new, and among them, if you’re lucky this year, a magazine or two that has your name in it. Enough books to last you a lifetime if outside the convention center, the world ended. Almost enough books to make you half-wish it would.


This year, as Fiction Editor of Fourteen Hills, and as a book-crazed human, I…

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