Pink Zombies vs. The Stranger Next Door – Hearts & Portals & The Dangerous Angel of Story

Wayward Writers

It was all going so well.

We were in January, talking to our friends in that cold snowy world East of California, applying to Breadloaf, applying to Djerassi, applying to Loud and Unladylike (yes, you still can apply, yes, you absolutely should). Then we turned a corner around January 31st.

And suddenly…..Everything became HEARTS HEARTS HEARTS. 

Candy hearts factory

And not just hearts. Everything became about love.

And not just any kind of love – this one specific kind of love. Love means you should be buying someone chocolates. Love should make you crazy. Love means really irresponsible kink (50 shades of it). Love means Katy Perry singing I Kissed A Girl while grinding on everyone’s favorite girl rocker…Lenny Kravitz? (And people wonder why Left Shark was confused).

Left Shark

This love has a formula, and it can be yours for the low low price of 36 soul-reducing questions (would you like to be famous? do you…

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