Hunger & The Writing Daemon: Cut Ups & Erasures

Wayward Writers

(Read on for a Writing ExperimentPoems by Vivian Underhill and Kimberly Gomes, and Submission Opportunities!)


For many years, this is how I wrote: I opened a word document, stared at the blankness. I tried to come up with something completely original. My motivations were frustration and fear: What should I write about? Why haven’t I written anything yet?  

Often, this ended in tears.

DEATH (from Meowden)

For many years, this is how I cooked: I poured a glass of wine, opened the fridge, and combined whatever I found. I never thought: “couscous isn’t original.” My motivations were hunger and pleasure. I learned pretty much everything there is to know about tomatoes. I fed the people I love. Along the way, I figured out what I like to eat.

Often, this ended in feast

matisse 2

This month at Waywards, we experimented…

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