5 Very Secret Things I Can Say About Writing Programs Now That I Am Almost Out of One & Full Frontals of Brad Pitt & Other Clickbait (including Writing Experiments and Waywarders Getting Published)

Wayward Writers

Woah, did you feel that? A strange(r) wind has been ruffling feathers all over the writing interwebs this week. We were happily drawing our way through Lynda Barry’s Syllabus and marveling at Claudia Rankine’s Citizen and getting excited about AWP (Hey! If you’re going, come visit Luke here and me here). It was peaceful in Waywardland, what with the birdsongs and the first movement of Beethoven’s 6th and the sound of pens on notepads. Peaceful And then this article appeared. In case you missed it, in his tell all, inside scoop, let me tell it like it is article, a writer and person-formerly-paid-by an MFA program* claims to expose the dark secrets of MFAs. Read the article, if you dare, he’ll tell you everything your writing teacher is afraid to tell you, (*since he doesn’t believe creative writing can be learned, it would be unfair to him to call him a teacher)…

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